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Sewa Sandesh
June 2017

Sewa International organized a grand inaugural celebration of a hostel that they built for children orphaned during the killer earthquake of 2015; in Dhading district of Nepal. More than 500 people attended the program, where the local youth showcased their talent.  The hostel named “Amako Maya Chatrawas” has been built to accommodate fifty earthquake orphaned children. Dr. Sree Sreenath, President of Sewa International, USA, said that it indeed takes a village to raise a child and that the name of Dhading Hostel "Amako Maya Chatrawas" should live up to its promise as the "Abode of Mother's Love". He said that local children and youth should interact with students at the hostel and become their brothers and sisters. He urged local village mothers to provide "vatsalya" (love and care) to the orphaned children and treat them as their own. He said that hostel facilities would be utilized for community development activities such as vocational and skill training. Mr. Shiv Mishra, Coordinator, Sewa Columbus (Ohio, USA), Mr. Shyam Parande, Global Secretary, Sewa International, India attended the program and,  Llama Jugdol of the International Buddhist Federation, Nepal Representative, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Mr. Goel, the Nepal Chatravas Committee Member was also present at the event. One of the challenges Sewa International faced during the construction of the hostel, was the road. The hostel winds through very difficult terrain in the mountains, and the last mile approaching the hostel is extremely difficult to traverse.  Hence all construction material had to be carried manually by workers the entire 'last mile', and since labor in the mountainous terrain is hard to find, the construction of the building was time-consuming.  Mayor Bhim Dhungana has promised a newly paved road leading to the hostel.

When it comes to health, your zip code shouldn’t matter. Sewa International is committed towards providing healthcare in every nook and corner of the country. This week, under our Swasth Kashi Program, Sewa International organized its second health camp on 25 June 2017, in Ramnagar, Varanasi. The camp was conducted by Senior Doctors from Banaras Hindu University. The team of doctors consisted of various specialists like Dentist, Gynaecologist, Pediatrician and an Otolaryngologist. More than 500 beneficiaries of the camp got their health profile prepared free of cost. Essential medicines were also distributed to the people of Ramnagar and surrounding areas. The people of Ramnagar expressed their gratitude to Sewa Kashi volunteers, who carried out the camp. One of our volunteers said, “They showed gratitude, but for us, it is an expression of our humanity. Our service is an ode to their daily struggles which they fight so gracefully.”

Under the Sewa Mahila Jyoti program, Sewa International initiated the community knitting training camp at Chamola village in Simli cluster on 21 June 2017. This 20-day first-of-its-kind training camp will be conducted across 50 villages. During the period 2017-18, this training program is expected to empower more than 1000 women. Panchayati Raj institutions and office bearers of local bodies are being actively associated with the program. In the near future, Sewa International is planning to extend the target area for conducting such training programs and expand its activities in the coming phases of the program.

Yoga that unifies the mind, body, and soul, is now playing an important role in bringing the world together. Thousands of people woke up early on Wednesday morning to perform Yoga on International Yoga day.  The UN International Day of Yoga is celebrated every year on June 21. In one of the biggest events in the country, Sewa International organized Yoga Day celebrations in Ramnagar area of Varanasi. More than 200 people participated in the program. The event was lead by qualified yoga practitioners’ Dr.Kalpana, Mr. Sambhu Gupta, Mr. Ajit Singh. Everybody performed various asanas including Surya Namaskar during an hour-long session. 
Sewa International has been working for the development of Reang (Bru) tribe in Mizoram. Due to the ethnic conflict that took place in 1997, more than 35,000 Reangs had to leave their homes in Tripura, and cross the state on foot. They now live in 7 camps in Mizoram; Sewa International is imparting skill training to the youths living in these camps, with a vision to provide them livelihood opportunities. Sewa International also runs free coaching centers for the kids in the camp called ‘Bru Education Centers’. A total number of 15 centers are running in Naisinghpara and Ashapara camps. The kids belong to all age groups and they study English, Maths, Science, and Social Sciences. The instructors help them with their homework and those who are not yet enrolled in school, are taught the basics informally.  In the evening, these education centers become a hub of myriad activities. Sewa International is working relentlessly for creating a better future for the Bru tribes and moving one step at a time to achieve this goal. 
‘Promoting Volunteerism’ is the motto of Sewa International. In our journey spanning across 2 decades, we have come across fabulous volunteers. Needless to say, it is learning and enriching experience both ways. One such volunteer has shared her experience with us. Her name is Nazia Aqueel. Here is what she has to say:
My name is Nazia Aqueel, I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. I came to America at a very young age, so I basically grew up in Houston. When I was a kid, my father gave me a toy box full of things regarding medicine. I fell in love with the thought of becoming a Healer ever since and dreamed of becoming a Doctor. My parents fully supported my childish stubbornness at the time to save lives, and they are the reason I am currently a Pre-Med/ Biotechnology Major at the University of Houston today.

Joining Sewa was probably one of the best decisions I have made during my college years. This organization has given me a dose of reality that has ultimately made me feel grateful for my life, and help those in need. Going to events organized to help individuals and families beyond Houston area, is an experience that makes me feel like I am actually doing something useful. With my age and financial background, there are huge limitations when it comes to being of aid to others. Sewa has taught me that it is possible to help regardless of the giver's circumstances. The people involved in this organization are amazing, and I have learned so much from all of them. I hope to see Sewa grow manifoldly and to be a part of their family for a very long time.
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Inaugurates Hostel for Orphaned Children in Nepal

Fifty boys, orphaned in the twin earthquakes that shook Nepal in 2015, now find refuge in a newly constructed hostel in Dhading, Nepal, courtesy of Sewa International.
In his speech on June 3, 2017, at the inauguration of the hostel, Dr. Sree Sreenath, Director, Complex Systems Biology Center and Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and president of Sewa International, USA, said that it indeed takes a village to raise a child, and that the name of the Dhading Hostel — “Amako Maya Chatrawas” should live up to its promise as the “Abode of Mother’s Love”. He said that local children and youth should interact with students at the hostel and become their brothers and sisters. He urged local village mothers to provide “vatsalya” (love and care) to the orphaned children and treat them as their own children. He said that hostel facilities would be utilised for community development activities such as vocational and skill training (tailoring, health and hygiene, etc.) 

Seen in this picture where Dr. Sree Sreenath is addressing the audience are, among others, Bhim Dhungana, the newly elected Mayar of Dhading, who has promised a newly paved road to the hostel — as the current road offers very poor access; Shiv Mishra, Sewa Columbus (Ohio, USA) Coordinator who is originally from Nepal; Shyam Parande, Chief Coordinator, Sewa International, India; Llama Jugdol of the International Buddhist Federation, Nepal Representative, and Chief Guest on the occasion; and Mr. Goel, the Nepal Chatravas Committee Member.

At present, one of the challenges is that the road to the hostel winds through very difficult terrain in the mountains, and the last mile approaching the hostel is extremely difficult to traverse.  The construction of the hostel was challenging because all construction material had to be carried by workers over the ‘last mile’, and since labour in the mountainous terrain is hard to find the construction of the building was time consuming.  Mayar Bhim Dhungana has promised a newly paved road to the hostel.

Dhading, Nepal, where the “Amako Maya Chatrawas” hostel has been built to accommodate fifty children who were orphaned after the earthquake in 2015.

Nearly five hundred people attended the inauguration, and the local youth had organized events showcasing the talent of youngsters in the village.

Seen in this picture is the young audience watching the cultural programme organised for the occasion. Nearly 500 local people and dignitaries were present on the occasion.

Sewa International is committed towards the development of Nepal and specially its young generation. This is one of the many steps to ensure our vision of strong and happy Nepal.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sewa Sandesh
May 2017
This week a delegation of social workers and social entrepreneurs from Concern India Foundation visited Sewa International project “Swachh-Shikshit-Kushal Kashi”. The delegation visited SIB's skill development project in Ramnagar area of Varanasi. This project supports and promotes the handloom weavers in Varanasi. The delegation oversaw the project and appreciated the initiative. They showed special interest in the Weaver Training Program of Sewa International and suggested the scaling up of the program so that it could benefit maximum weavers. SewaInternational has been working for the holistic development of handloom weavers and Varanasi area. Concern India Foundation is a registered non-profit charitable trust with Pan -India presence. The foundation is working in the areas of education, health, community development and natural resource management.
On 24 May 2017, a public meeting was held for the project ‘Swachh-Shikshit-Kushal Kashi’ in Varanasi. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Shyam Parande Global Co-ordinator Sewa International. The chief guest of the meeting was Mr. Vinod Tiwari and the special guest was Mr. Dev Bhattacharya. In the meeting, Mr. Shyam Parande emphasized on the need to reach out to the maximum people under SIB's initiative. Various aspects of social services were also discussed. Mr. Bhattacharya elaborated on the use of industrial resources for the social welfare, as to how the industrial sector could be beneficial for the societal development. Around 700 people attended the program. The other distinguished guests who attended the meeting were Dr. Tejbali Singh, Dr. Ramasre Singh, and Mr. Giridharlal Dave.
Adriana Salazar, a social worker and volunteer from Colombia is visiting  Uttarakhand sewa projects. She is visiting various villages in the target areas of Rudraprayag and Chamoli. During her visit she will meet the Self-help groups under SIB's vertical SewaSrujan and visit various computer, knitting, and agriculture demo-centers. During her visit, she would be doing the capacity building with Kishori Samoohas, and Swasthaya Sakhis. She would also trek the Sewa Saahas treks developed by Sewa Uttarakhand team. Adriana is a yoga practitioner and has immense respect and admiration for Indian culture.
The Trust board meeting of Sewa International Bharat was held in Mumbai, on 26 May2017. The meeting was attended by all the trust board members, it started with the prayer for the health and prosperity of mankind. This meeting proceeded as per the agenda and minutes were prepared. The discussion was held on the potential areas of growth and development for SI in the year. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ramesh Mehta, President Sewa International. Special invitees to the meeting were Mr. Jadhav Gorasia, Mr. Ravi Kumar, Mr. Siddhartha Agicha, and Mr. Ramesh Subrahmaniam.
Bhavnagar in Gujarat is known for social service. The city is known as 'Ganda nun Gaam', the city of mental persons, because many mental patients travelling by trains are dropped here and many local people and organisations look after them. Shishuvihar and the late Maanbhai Bhatt are also known for such works. But now three persons of the city have come forward for the cause of soldiers. They are Janardanbhai Bhatt, Rakshaben Dave and Nimeshbhai Trivedi. Among them, Janardanbhai Bhatt is the highest donor. He donated whopping Rs 1.02 crore for the welfare of soldiers. And that too when he lives on pension!
Shri Bhatt retired from State Bank of Saurashtra as a clerk. Janardanbhai is an RSS swayamsevak. He used to go to Neelkanth Shakha held at RuvapariDarwaja. He says, "My all social work is due to the samskar of the RSS. I learnt honesty, sincerity, integrity, devotion and dedication in the Shakha." He worked with Chandabhai Dave in the union, who is among the pioneer swayamsewaks.
From 1970, Janardanbhai started gifting sweets, fire crackers to orphan children. His union donated Rs 1 lakh for electrification of a cremation ground. Janardanbhai has been doing this work because he has great support from his better half Padmaben who is SwadhyayPariwar worker. Both got married in 1955 and their married life has become inspiration  for many a couple. Janardanbhai donated Rs 6 lakh for dialysis to Bajarangdasbapa Hospital, Bhavnagar. His wife gave Rs 16 lakh to the same hospital next year in memory of her parents.  Janardanbhai could donate such a huge amount because his friend’s father advised him to invest in stock market long ago. This investment is now giving good returns.
After his initiative, significantly two persons came forward for donation. One is Rakshaben Dave. She is also retired professor. She has donated Rs 1 lakh! One Nimeshbhai Trivedi donated Rs 25,000.
Rakshaben says, "When the news of video of soldiers complaining about food served to them broke out, she could not take her meal. I thought what could be done for them? Then I heard news that the soldier was detained." Rakshaben thought to do something for soldiers but didn't know how to do. She has written more than 70 books on Hinduism. So she thought, "When there is will, she will find way also." And then news came from Ashokbhai Pandya, a colleague of Janardanbhai Bhatt about donation. She is now thinking to donate Rs 1 lakh more on Raksha Vandan to such souls! -- (Jaywant Pandya from Ahmedabad).
Every day now and then we come across a person whose life has been touched by Sewa International, and meeting such person is a fulfilling experience both ways. One such person is Maggi ben. The 26-year-old Maggi had many dreams in her eyes. She wanted new dresses for herself like her other friends and some kitchen appliances for her home. But her family income was not sufficient to fulfill these dreams, hence dreams remained unfulfilled for most of her adult life.  Her husband works in the hospital and his salary is 5000/- per month. They were hardly able to save a single penny after arranging basic things for the family.
Maggi belongs to Rabbari community and she resides in Jiyapar village of Naktala block of Kutch district. She was proficient in the traditional embroidery work. Occasionally she used to do the embroidery, on her own clothes. Maggi was desperate to make some money to fulfill her dreams. She met with the representative of SewaInternational and got associated with the organization. SI not only provided her training on embroidery to develop her skills and make her aware of market trends but also gave her employment with the organization.
She is associated with the SI for five-years now. While sharing her experience she says, “I am able to buy new clothes and kitchen appliances, I am no longer dependent on other persons to fulfill my dreams. I feel proud of myself and now I am enjoying my life”, she says with the twinkle in her eyes.

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Sewa Sandesh April 2017

Engaging the Indian Diaspora
On 29th April 2017 Sewa International Support Group organised a meet in association with Sanskriti Yoga volunteers on “Indian Diaspora Participation on Social Upliftment of India”. The Chief Guest was Ambassador Indra Mani Pandey and the Guest Speaker was Shyam Parande (Managing Trustee and Secretary of Sewa International). Nearly 225 attendees belonging to various parts of India were present at the meet. Pravashi Bhartiya award winner Sh. R.M.Parakh also graced the occasion.
Shri Shyam Parande highlighted the role of Indian Diaspora on Social Upliftment of India. He said, “Donation is the last thing that comes to our mind. Money should be followed by large pool of volunteers. If time is money, we would love to request you to contribute by giving some time to our various activities. One can volunteer by performing some work or sharing some knowledge”. He highlighted the support of Indian diaspora in various initiatives of Sewa International-Bharat such as Yuva-for-Sewa, Akshar Bharati, Sewa Sahayog. Under these projects many youths of Indian as well as non-Indian origin visit and volunteer for specific Sewa activity in India. The speech was followed by an interactive Question and Answer session. Many attendees expressed their keenness to volunteer for Sewa.

Seminar cum Exhibition on Indentured Labour

The year 2017 marks the centenary of formal abolition of indentureship system which was responsible for migration of over 2 million indentured workers from India to far off countries. To commemorate the occasion, ARSP(Antar Rashtriya Sahayog Parishad), in collaboration with IGNCA (Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts) organized a 3-day conference from 20-22 April at IGNCA , New Delhi. Over 40 scholars from India and overseas participated in the conference. An exhibition on Girmitiyas was inaugurated by Padam Bhushan Dr Saroja Vaidyanathan, followed by an impressive cultural program.

Colombia Landslide

An avalanche of water from three overflowing rivers tore through a small city in Colombia while people slept over the weekend, destroying homes, sweeping away cars and killing at least 273 unsuspecting residents.The incident triggered by a sudden, heavy rainstorm happened around midnight in Mocoa, a provincial capital of about 40,000 tucked between mountains near Colombia's southern border with Ecuador.Muddy water quickly surged through the city's streets, toppling homes, ripping trees from their roots and carrying a torrent of rocks and debris downstream. Many residents did not have enough time to flee.Emergency workers and relief teams, including Sewa International, worked hard to rescue and restore the displaced people. They were facilitating the reunion of families who lost communication as a result of the disaster. President Juan Manuel Santos declared a state of emergency. The crisis is likely to be remembered as one of the worst natural disasters in recent Colombian history, though the Andean nation has experienced even more destructive catastrophes.
Medical Health Camp Uttarakhand
A new step has been taken by Sewa International Uttarakhand in the direction of making people (in this case students) of Rudraprayag and Chamoli district of Uttarakhand more aware about their health. In order to achieve so, several health camps are being organised in government colleges across both districts. The main objective of these camps are eye screening & treatment along with examination of oral hygiene, diagnosis of dental problems. So far camps have been conducted in Simli Govt. Inter College and Adibadri Govt. Inter College, Chamoli.  The camps will continue in all other government colleges of both districts. More than 300 students have availed the services and benefited from it. The camps will go on till first week of May.
Dhanvantari Yatra
Sewa International supports and contributes in the Dhanvantari Seva Yatra which took place from 2nd April to 9th April this year. Dhanvantari Yatra is a series of medical camps in remote areas of North-eastern states of the country. This year medical camp was also conducted in the district of Majuli, Assam.  Medical facilities, in this region, are non-existent and people from poor background find it even more difficult to approach doctors for their health problems.
Similar problems exist throughout North-East, so to address the lack of medical services, "Dhanvantri Seva Yatra" is initiated every year for a week with the help from NMO(National Medicos Organization) and Seva Bharathi Purbanchal, where doctors from across the country come and serve patients selflessly in the most remote and inaccessible parts of North-East India.
We salute these unsung heroes who are working for the deprived.
Bhaurao Devras Samman
“The society, which stands for helping its deprived members can never be defeated. The well to do people of the society should come forward to help the needy,” said RSS Sahsarkaryawah Dr Krishna Gopal, while presenting the Bhaurao Deoras Sewa Samman on March 28. Two persons, Mr B Lalthlengliya of Mizoram and Mr S A Balasubramaniam of Chennai, were felicitated with the 22ndSaman for their outstanding services to the society. Bhaurao Deoras Sewa Nyas has so far felicitated 44 social activists. Haryana Governor, Prof Kaptan Singh Solanki, and Uttar Pradesh Governor, Mr Ram Naik, was also present.
Indo-Nepal Relationship is Ancient

RSS Sah Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabale said the relationship between Bharat-Nepal is very ancient. He was addressing the concluding session of a two-day seminar organized jointly by Antar Rashtriya Sahayog Parishad - ARSP Bharat and Policy Research Establishment, Nepal at the Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun on April 12. "We are one in cultural, social, traditions, religious and spiritual form and dharmic journey. Our religious texts and epics are one. Our civilization, historicity, bread and daughter relation are also similar. We should work together without hesitation in every field and remain strong, reliable," he said. Former Bharatiya Ambassador to Nepal Shri Ranjit Ray presided over the function. Former Army Chief of Nepal General Gaurav Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana, former Foreign Secretary of Bharat, B.Shashank, and Secretary General of International Cooperation Council, Shyam Parande, were present on the occasion.
Famine Relief in Kenya
Hindu Religious Service Centre (HRSC), Kenya, volunteers distributed food hampers to families of Mwingi area in Kitui County Council on Sunday 9th April 2017.  Mwingi area is a severe drought stricken area in Kenya which has suffered a complete crop failure. A total of 3,000 food hampers were distributed.  Each sealed food hamper consisted of 10 kilos of Maize flour and 5 kilos of Rice costing Kenyan Schillings 1,000. (Approx 600 Rs)  The funds for this food distribution were raised from cash and in kind donations received from many well wishers of this noble project. The number of food hampers from this specific famine project now totals to 5,500 food hampers.
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Sewa Sandesh March 2017


Sewa International celebrated “FyunliKauthig” on International Women’s Day

Sewa International had a grand combined celebration of spring fest “FyunliKauthig” and Women’s Day on 8 March 2017, among the gutsy women of Uttarakhand.

The theme of this year’s celebration was “Swawlambi Mahila, Sashakt Samaj”. Sewa International purposely chose this theme as it aims to gear up its Women Empowerment efforts in this region amongst the hard-working and skilful women of Uttarakhand. The Chief Guest of the program was Mrs. Bali Devi, a Chipko movement revolutionary and a prominent environmentalist.

The women of Uttarakhand gathered amidst the heavy rains, to celebrate thewomenhood. They presented Mahishasurmardini Dance, a representation of Nanda Devi RaajJaatYatra, and skits showing the glimpses of the Uttarakhand culture. Folk songs, Jhumelo and Yoga demo was given by Sewa Saahas team.

Sewa International every year felicitates women who do exemplary work insocial field. This year Sewa International felicitated 6 women, which included entrepreneurs, artists, educationists who worked for the upliftment of the Uttrakhand people.

The other dignitaries who attended the event were Mr.Shyam Parande, Secretary and Management Trustee and Sanjay Hegde, Treasurer, Sewa International. A noted social worker Mr. Aditya Kothari provided the vote of thanks to the guests and participants.

River Ganga cleanliness drive by Sewa International

Sewa International Varanasi chapter has carried out cleanliness drive at Ballua ghat in Ramnagar area of Varanasi in support of swachch bharat mission. A day long drive was carried out by Sewa International volunteers, to clean the ghat. During the drive they sweeped the ghat and cleared the water of the poly bags and other debris cleaned the premises around the old fort, it was strewn with garbage and waste. Sewa International has been working for the holistic development of Varanasi, under the project Swachch- Shikshit- Kushal Kashi. The cleanliness and health campaign was kicked off in 2016. Under the campaign we especially target the remote slum areas. It’s a coordinated effort by volunteers, health department and the Sewa workers. It includes sweeping of streets, cleaning of drains and cleaning of river Ganges. Raising awareness on public hygiene remains an integral part of our efforts. Sewa International carries out these cleanliness drive regularly and is committed for a clean and healthy Varanasi.

New Horizons: Reang Education Project

Sewa International has achieved the milestone of opening 14 new educational centres (both day classes and evening classes) in 2 refugee camps of Ashapara and Naisingpara. Due to very low availability of schools in the area and extreme poverty within the family, most of the children belonging to Reang tribe, were forced to remain illiterate as education was a “luxury” they couldn’t afford. Sewa International decided to intervene and provide these children good quality education, free of cost. Today more than 200 children are attending these schools and the number of enrollments is increasing day by day. A new hope for change that we strive for drives our action. Result - Reang Education Project .
Sewa International project under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

With great pride and responsibility, we wish to share with our patrons that Sewa International has bagged UK 1 cluster under the Prime Minister Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY).

UK 1 cluster comprises of 7 districts of Pauri Garhwal, Tehri Garhwal, Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Uttarkashi, Dehradun, Haridwar. SI will be setting up a Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK) in every district to impart skills to the youth and make them job ready. Each PMKK will be handling 5 verticals with 2 courses under each of them, total 10 courses to begin with. It will be scaled up in due course of time to cover the entire gamut of skills being provided by various sectors under the National Skill Development Council. This is a huge step towards making Uttarakhand a strong, self-reliant state with its youth employed gainfully.

Its a Century!!

This month Sewa International stands proud as we have touched the 100 mark. Sewa Uttarakhand under its flagship program Sewa Srujan has enabled the creation of 100 SHGs in the districts of Rudraprayag and Chamoli. Sewa International has touched thousand of lives, and helped them in their journey towards a secure and sustainable future. This has been an exhilarating experience. The resilient Uttarakhandi women, are a hero with thousand faces. Their spirit is our guiding light. Today, as we stand with these 100 SHGs, we look back with a deep sense of satisfaction and resolve to build a better future with greater vigor and conviction, as the journey has just begun!

Samarth Bharat Sammelan in Pune

Samartha Bharat Swayamsevak Sammelan was organised by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, in Pune. It was attended by about 1500 select executives from Pune. Representatives of over 80 social institutes actively involved in Sewa and Social work in Pune region interacted with the participants during the day long structured sessions. These executives had given their consent and commitment to get involved in the social work for the needy sections of the society in various form.
The Sammelan was inaugurated by Swami Govind Prabhu, President of ISKCON International, Mumbai. Swamiji praised the self-less service orientation of the Sangh and the swayamsevaks alike. The organising secretary of Vijnan Bharati Shri Jayantrao Sahastrabuddhe stressed upon the various aspects related to social service consistently being undertaken by the RSS and empahasised on the need to spread the Sewa karya to the needy people of our society.
Over 40 prominent social organisations from Pune had put up their stalls to display their contribution towards society, which was appreciated by all.  The Sammelan concluded with a committed resolution of the participating swayamsevaks to spread the Sewa work through Sewa Wardhini, an extended arm of Samartha Bharat.
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